Current Account



Current Deposit Account is very convenient product for frequent banking transactions by Individuals, Firms, HUF, Companies, institutions etc. There is no limit on number of transactions in such accounts and are most suitable for business operations. The product is available at all branches

The main features of General Current Account are as under:

Eligibility:-Individuals, Joint accounts, Sole proprietary concerns, Partnership firms, HUFs, Companies, Association of persons, Society, Trusts, Body Co-operatives, Charitable and other institutions.

Documents Required For Opening The Account

    1. Application (AOF) and Specimen signatures
    2. ID & Address proof as per KYC norms
    3. Photos
    4. In case of Company Memorandum & Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Board resolution, etc.
    5. Related documents in case of HUF, Trust, Firms etc
    6. Other related documents as per RBI Guidelines

Additional Facilities

    1. Free MOBILE banking
    2. ATM Cum Debit card (individuals/sole proprietor account)
    3. Fast remittance of funds through NEFT/RTGS
    4. Acceptance of standing instructions, Collection of cheques.