Saving Account


Money saved is money earned. Regardless of your financial position, savings play an essential part of everyone’s life.

bank offers Savings Accounts that have been designed specifically to take care of your banking and savings requirements. Access your account with ease via Mobile Banking facilities.

What is a savings account?

Savings accounts are an interest-generating deposit account which provides a reasonable rate of interest in return for money deposited into the account by the customer.


Why should you open a savings account?

  • Save your money: It is advisable for customers to keep money in Savings Account so that they earn at least a minimum amount of interest from the funds earmarked for their day to day expenses.
  • Quick access and easy withdrawal: Savings accounts are also one of the most liquid forms of investment This means, while you are saving and making sure your money grows, you also have easy and direct access to it, in case of emergency or any other need.
  • With a savings account one gets access to Debit Card and Digital platforms such as Mobile banking  which enables a person to enjoy cashless transactions

Why open a savings account with our BANK?

1)Branches working 365 days

2) account holders and share holders are provided free accidental insurance cover up to 1,00,000/-

3) disabled and widows are also eligible for extra interest on their deposits

4) lockers facility available at all branches at cheaper rates

5) all types of loan & advances facility available at all branches

6) special schemes of deposit are also available .

7) facility to open basic banking account

8) ATM facility

9) SMS alert

10) NEFT/RTGS facility

11) e-comm.(online)payment facility

12) imps payment facility

13) pos terminals 


Interest rate on saving account is 2.75%.