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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Japanese companies like Toyota taught the world that quality must be prevention-driven not inspectiondriven. A similar revolution is needed within Co-operative banks. Over the past few years, there has been a massive effort at our bank to redesign processes and to strengthen controls and compliance. Bank has undertaken a comprehensive transformation to not only deal with existing issues but to create a modern and competitive bank. As we know, bank has shifted to a “target customer driven approach” where we pro actively reach out to the most desirable customers with differentiated value propositions Co-operative banks have been hemorrhaging market share to their competitors for some years. With many banks already under Prompt Corrective Action, this share erosion is likely to accelerate. Margins and profitability are also under significant stress. These are predictable outcomes; banking is becoming a more sophisticated game where technology, analytics and expertise are becoming ever more vital. Co-operative banks have to make the shift or lose out. Over the past years, this bank has been able to make significant strides in becoming competitive and improving market share and profitability. These results are the consequence of several underlying initiatives. On the consumer front, the bank has invested in technology to improve the customer experience. Banking is rapidly becoming a technology driven business and consequently, the Bank has invested in upgrading its technological capabilities. Bank is sensitive to its role within its ecosystem that includes customers, employees, communities and the environment. Maintaining integrity, fairness and transparency are important values for us in our engagement with our shareholders. Ensuring customers trust in us and the philosophy of ‘make a customer, not the profit’ are core to our strategy. We continue to instill a sense of accountability and ethics among employees through robust policies and strong governance. Bank's governance culture aims at ensuring resilience during challenging periods and forges a sustainable future for the organization. We thank all our stakeholders and look forward to their continued support.